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I've been married to Elsie since 1968.  We have two children, and five granddaughters.  Elsie is a retired R.N. and worked for Travelers Insurance as a Case Manager in the Workmen's Compensation division.

My daughter Kristal lives in Denver with her husband, Drew, and their daughters, Kalli May, Marisa, Jayci and Joy.

My son Kevin retired from the U.S.Army as a Command Sergeant-Major, and lives in Mooresville with his wife Ali and daughter Lindsay. Kevin now works at IOMAX.

We attend Salem United Methodist Church on Pilot Knob Rd.

Before retiring in 2010 I ran my own one-man business building computer models for several company's business.  The modeling of the business flow permits the company to make changes to the model to evaluate the impact of various business decisions on overall company performance, measured in a variety of ways, including missed delivery dates, cost over-runs, overtime needs, partial shutdowns and the like.  I struggled daily with bad data feeding my models -- garbage in produces garbage out!  My major customers are the forest products companies, Boise Cascade and Roseburg Forest Products.


I was born in Southampton, England, raised in Canada. I joined Data General in 1970 in Vancouver BC, then I lived in Holland for 1 year, and that cradle of socialism and high taxes -- Sweden -- for 3 years, back to Canada for a few years and then moved to Massachusetts (aka Taxachusetts) in 1977.  Until I moved to Lincoln County in 1997, I had always lived in high tax jurisdictions.  But the high taxes are following me!

In late 2001 my employer went away, and I started my own business from the debris of the collapse.  I managed to build that back to steady one-man business, building computer models of several company's business processes, which are used for general "what-if" analysis, and also for  short-term product scheduling.  In that environment, bad incoming data can result in making the wrong product at the wrong place and/or time, leading to lost business.  Classic computer "garbage in, garbage out".  I've seen many county decisions made with incomplete data -- they might be right, but how can you know?

One person CAN make a difference.  So can an organized small group of 20-25 people, who had a lot to do with replacing two incumbent county commissioners at the last election.  Think what we could do if we had hundreds of people who got involved!

I discovered that much of what goes on at the county political level is something along the lines of "we've always done it this way, leave us alone..." and "Joe did this for the county in '88, we owe him a .....".

I believe that the voters are entitled to the maximum involvement that we can give them.  Any significant issue SHOULD be put to the voters -- districting of any elected board, incorporation, major fire dept spending, major capital expenditures.  When our elected politicians jump thru hoops to avoid holding a vote, that's paternalism -- 'Daddy knows best'. 

I believe that taxes are not the issue, per se, SPENDING is the issue.  Once you do all you can to avoid wasteful spending, and reduce spending of the citizens' money instead of the money of the real beneficiaries of that spending (often developers), then what you have left is the tax rate that you approve. 



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