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Moving to Mooresville

   Two years ago my son, Kevin, retired from the Army and looked around the Lake Norman area for a place to live. 

Location, Location, Location: His ONLY criteria was the right school for his daughter. He chose the Lakeshore Elementary school near Byer's Creek, based on reviews and rankings. He did not know (or care) whether he was living in the lower-taxed county or the higher-taxed city!

   That same attitude, I'm sure, drives others, including industry CEOs. The right location trumps such minor concerns as tax rates.

   At a higher level, our teachers need to be paid better than any others in the Southeast -- we should strive to be equal or better than Georgia! A more level playing field between the Charter schools and public schools would help. For example, the current practice of locking down the school funding for each student based on where they start the year is unfair -- if a transfer takes place, the funding should follow within the month.

   Our local school boards should have the ability to adjust their school calendars as they wish. Currently state law sets the dates -- the result is that first semester exams are held AFTER Christmas break, and High School Seniors who have enough credits to enroll in Community College or University for the January semester can't. This could be changed with a local bill. Local bills normally sail through the General Assembly if both the Representative and the Senator agree. A local bill for Lincoln County failed to get support from the Senate.

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