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I believe I bring a unique skill set to the job of State Senator:
  • 30 years selling high-tech computer systems taught me how to round up votes;
  • 15 years building business computer models taught me how to tear apart financial reports to discover the underlying truth;
  • my computer programming skills taught me how to find potential flaws in logic and syntax -- which applies to statutes.

  • I'm also fully retired and can devote all my time (excepting kid-sitting my 5 granddaughters ) to this full time job with part time pay.
      Why I'm running Party Activities
    You should expect your elected representatives to represent YOU. 
    Your representatives need to hear YOUR voice and they actively need to ask YOUR opinions about issues that affect us all.  State Senators should vote YOUR agenda, not an agenda dictated by an OUT-of-DISTRICT campaign donation list.  I pledge to be that kind of State Senator.

    I am your “get-it-done” candidate. As a Lincoln County Commissioner for almost three years, I've managed to accomplish a lot, despite the handcuffs that state rules place on local governments. One reason to go to Raleigh is to help remove the 'cuffs!
    We've experienced a growth spurt in East Lincoln, and I was able to convince developers to ante up an 18-acre school site, a 26-acre conservation area, multiple easements for the Carolina Thread Trail, and more than $700,000 towards local road improvement projects. Eight of nine projects reduced their overall unit count before their public hearings, and I recently was able to get our Land Use Plan density for most of East Lincoln reduced from 3 units per acre to 2 units per acre. (its already at 1.5 or lower for the rest of the county)

    I was able to get the East Lincoln Water and Sewer District tax rate reduced to ZERO, by insisting that the cash taken from the district in the 2006 takeover be returned to pay off the bonds early.

    Working with our House representative, Jason Saine, I was able to get $150,000 towards the Rescue Squad Park. Working with local DoT on the Optimist Club and Hwy 16 road project, we've added $250,000 from some earmarked developer funds, providing funding for the design and initial planning for the intersection improvements.

    I also drove a major revision to the Lincolnton-Lincoln Airport Authority charter, basically removing the city (which lacks the financial strength) as a full partner, giving the County the ability to turn the airport into a Business Park to attract both aviation-related businesses, and high tax value jet aircraft.

    Much of those accomplishments were done behind the scenes, where I take advantage of my 30+ years in sales to get things done. A famous quote at the County Commission is: "Can you count to three before you introduce something?" Get your votes lined up FIRST!

    I started getting things done at an early age -- when I was 25 my company sent me to Sweden (and me not knowing the language!) with $50,000, the name of a local lawyer, and instructions to start a Scandinavian operation. Three years later I returned from Europe, leaving behind a 22 person, profitable operation.

    Since then I've been a senior partner in 3 other startups, and ended my business career running a business modeling company, convincing multiple $1 billion (in sales) companies to trust me to create and maintain a model of their operations that they could successfully use to make tactical and strategic decisions.

    That experience gave me the insight to analyze financial statements, making me the County Commission's expert on finding where the Finance Director hides extra revenue and under-spending (don't they all! LOL). You may think that surprising people with better than expected results is wonderful -- but when the forecast convinces Commissioners to vote for a tax increase? We almost fell into that trap this year!

    If you send me to Raleigh, I will not warm the chair, or just vote 100% with leadership.– I will get it done – whatever it is that YOU need.  Your Senator will no longer be the least effective (ranked by other legislators) Republican in the Senate! I am retired and will represent you full-time.  If you send me to Raleigh I will be visible at public events in all three counties.  I will represent YOU.  I don’t have a specific agenda – your agenda is my agenda.  I WILL get it done, in the most productive way possible.

    And I think outside the box! 

    Please vote for Martin Oakes

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